Tree Assessment/Inventory

Use of Different Tree Species

Planting the right tree in the right place makes all the difference in the care of the tree and the usefulness of the tree. Trees can only remain useful for as long as they are healthy and alive. Therefore, trees should not be planted where they cannot live or will interfere with power lines or buildings. Trees should not be planted where they cannot survive cold winters or hot summers as this will only negate the benefit and cost of the tree.

Trees are used in a variety of settings for several reasons. Some are used as stream buffers, shade, beautification, etc. Below you will find a partial listing of trees taken from the Mississippi Urban and Community Forestry Management Manual and their corresponding usefulness as well as the setting for which they are most suitable.

Trees Adapted to Urban Forests and Stream Buffers.

Recommended Trees for Medians, Parking Lots and Shopping Centers.

Recommended Uses for Tree Species for Urban and Community Forests.

Physical Characteristics of Different Tree Species.

Tolerances of Different Tree Species.


Use of Different Tree Species
Preserving Existing Trees
Guidelines (Medians, Parking Lots)
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