Tree Inventory Description

A number of factors should be considered before it can be decided which trees to plant. When selecting trees for planting, the following questions should be asked and answered.

• What is the size and location of the planting site?
• Is the space suitable for a large, medium, or small tree?
• Are there any above or below ground utilities?
• Should clearance for sidewalks, patios, or driveways be considered?
• Are there other trees already planted in the area? If so, what species?
• Why is the tree being planted?
• What is the use of the tree? Shade? Fruit? Seasonal Color? Windscreen? Or any combination of the above?
• What type of soil is already in place? Is it deep, fertile and well-drained or is it shallow, compacted, and infertile?
• What type of maintenance will you be able to provide?
• Will there be time to water, prune, and fertilize until the tree is established?
• Will trees be planted for the purpose of on-site water treatment or rain garden?

Finding the answers to these questions prior to the actual selection will help to determine the right tree for the site. However, should you have any trouble answering these questions, contact your local certified arborist, tree care professional, garden center or county extension agent for assistance. Their assistance can help to ensure a successful outcome.

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