Planning and Design


Planning and Design

Planning and designing an urban forest is both time-consuming and expensive, but quality design and careful planning will result in a more successful project. This will add value that far outweighs the expense and brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to not only those involved in the establishment, but those that get to enjoy the results as well.

Some important elements to consider in the cost of a successful urban forest include:

• tree inventory – knowing what you already have will help you to further enhance the existing design;

• quality stock for planting – purchasing good, quality trees reduces the need for future replacement and maintenance costs;

• tree maintenance – pruning regularly will insure safety, tree health and longevity;

• monitoring and protection – effectively reduces chances of damage from construction activities, storms, utility line installation/repair and pest problems; and

• tree removal – while this is an expensive aspect when dealing with large trees, this is necessary when trees die or decline beyond improvement.

Site Preparation
Cost/Benefit Analysis
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