Trees Have Aesthetic Value and Improve Property Values

Trees Have Aesthetic Value and Improve Property Values

Trees add beauty to their surroundings by adding color to an area, softening harsh lines of buildings, screening unsightly views and contributing to the character of their environment. Trees have also proven to contribute to a community’s economy and way of life. Depending on species, maturity, quantity and location, property values increase 5 to 15 percent when compared to properties without trees.

Trees enhance their surroundings in many ways. Trees planted along and around buildings provide a distraction for the eye, softening the background and screening unsightly views. Trees also contribute eye-catching colors to their surroundings, from the different shades of green found in the leaves, the colors found in flowering trees and sometimes even the bark of the tree.

Trees also lend to the preservation of streets paved with asphalt. Asphalt paving contains stone aggregate in an oil binder. Without shade provided by trees, the oil heats up and volatizes, leaving the aggregate unprotected. Vehicles then drive over the aggregate causing it to loosen which grinds down the pavement. Therefore, not only do trees help to maintain the integrity of community roads, they also lower costs expended on re-paving roadways.

The condition of a community’s trees and collectively, its urban forests, is usually the first impression a community projects to its visitors. A community’s urban forest is an extension of its pride and community spirit. Studies show that trees also enhance community economic stability by attracting businesses and tourists as people tend to linger and shop longer along tree-lined streets. Studies have also shown that apartments and offices in wooded areas rent more quickly and businesses leasing office spaces in developments with trees reported higher productivity and fewer absences.


Trees Improve Our Air Quality

Trees Increase Water Retention and Quality

Trees Reduce Energy Costs

Trees Provide Habitat for Wildlife
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